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    7 Healthy Salads You’ll Actually Want To Eat

    Here at ViralTasty, we are big fans of healthy salads that pack a nutritional punch. Try some of this deliciousness with these super easy-to-make salads which can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Just what you need to look cool and healthy at the same time!

    Burrito Bowl Salad

    Get recipe here.

    Sweet Potato, Cashew and Cranberry Salad

    Get recipe here.

    New York-Style Salad

    Get recipe here.

    BLT Chopped Salad with Corn, Feta and Avocado

    Get recipe here.


    Get recipe here.

    Layered Seven-Bean Salad with Lemon Thyme Dressing

    Get recipe here.

    Cauliflower Rice Salad with Onion Relish and Salsa Verde

    Get recipe here.

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    You Haven’t Lived Life Until You Tried Macarons

    People go loopy over Macarons because they’re eye-crossingly yummy. They are simply the prettiest and daintiest little desserts ever.
    Here are some pictures of the shiny, chewy and crunchy French confection that will make you ooh and ah over the artistry. With your mouth full.

    Splatter-Painted Macarons

    Apple Pie Macaron

    Tiramisu Macaron

    Pistachio Macaron

    Bubble-Gum Macaron

    Cookie Monster Macaron

    Cranberry Macaron

    Christmas Tree Macaron

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    5 Of The Coolest Cafes In London

    Did you know that two out of the last eight World Barista Champions are British and work in London? When it comes of the cup o’Joe, the UK capital does unique like nowhere else.

    Here is our top ten of the cream of the crema of London : independent coffee shops that combine truly special coffee with stand-out atmosphere.

    Prufrock Coffee

    The first bricks-and-mortar coffee shop opened by World Barista Champion @gwilymbarista. This is a discerning coffee drinker’s playground, serving some of the best coffee in London. Numerous beans and blends on the go, and a comprehensive chart to help you decide what to go for.
    Prufrock Coffee Shop- 23 Leather Lane, EC1
    Prufrock at Present, 140 Shoreditch High Street, E1

    Bar Italia

    This 65-year old Soho institution is open 24 hours a day, ensuring you’re never too far away from an espresso. Don’t bother with the handful of pavement tables outside; instead, squeeze into the teensy, gloriously retro interior to enjoy a strong espresso, plus maybe a ciabatta sandwich or Italian pastry. Above all, enjoy one the last remaining pockets of Italian coffee shop culture that’s quietly being lost among the Costas, CaffeNeros, and Starbucks.
    22 Frith Street, W1D

    Tapped & Packed

    People come to this original rustic Fitzrovia hideaway to hang out and talk about their favourite drink.TAP is very much focused on the coffee making at the front of the store, be it espresso-based drinks (Simonelli machine), brewed coffees made in a drip cone or the increasingly popular Aeropress. Teas are from Postcard Teas and sandwiches, salads and soups are made in-house apart from bread from Seven Seeds.
    26 Rathbone Place, W1T


    Just around the corner from BBC Broadcasting House on Great Titchfield Street, this micro-chain has a borderline cult going on. The coffee is made by baristas who must have three years of training. They also do a coffee ‘flight’ (shot of espresso, cappuccino and a cold-brew cascara) and some of the most intriguing cold-brew coffees London has to offer. You’ll also find much to croon over in the food, which comes up from the basement kitchen.
    66 Great Titchfield Street, W1W

    The Attendant

    Originally built in 1890, the former Victorian lavatory was closed for more than fifty years before it was restored and opened as a teeny tiny daytime café and kitchen. Diners sip impressively strong espresso surrounded by original features like the porcelain urinals, turned pretty counter, vintage lampshades and original Victorian tiles. The brunch menu (cereals, pastries, toast) and lunch offering (soups, salads, sandwiches) are definitely worth spending a penny in.
    27A Foley Street, London W1W

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    10 Of The Most Delicious GIFs of 2016

    If a picture is worth a thousand words then a GIF is at least worth a million!
    These bite-sized animated images are able to explain our emotions and feelings better than words ever could!

    These delicious food GIFs only last a few seconds, but they are sure to feed your eyeballs:

    That oozing yolk gorgeousness

    This blooming chocolate dessert is just inviting you to eat it!

    Another incredible chocolate dessert. Look at the perfect mousse

    Can’t you just smell the juicy ribs?

    This mac and cheese is the definition of cheesy

    The perfect meat platter

    Watch that bacon crackle and pop

    Adding butter and cheese to potatoes takes them to the next level

    This is why we love burgers

    I will never not crave nutella


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    Calling All Sushi Addicts: Now Sushi Burgers Are Officially A Thing!

    sushi burger

    Do you love the fresh, crisp taste of sushi as well as mucking about with the savory flavours of burgers? Well, now you can indulge in both with a sushi burger!

    People are always finding new ways to consume sushi, first in burritos and now in burger hybrids. This latest foodie trend sees many choosing to swap brioche buns for opulent, sticky grains of rice and filling them with a combination of traditional sushi and burger ingredients.

    The trend is picking up steam on social media. Skim instagram and you’ll find thousands of pictures of #sushiburger related posts.

    Here are some of our favourites:

    1. Just like the real thing

    #japanese #burgernight #sushiburger

    A post shared by Tony van Nierop (@awmvannierop) on

    2. The Unicorn Candy Burger: Vegetable rainbow rice, avocado and tofu.

    3. Katsu carnage! Don’t eat this with your white shirt on

    4. Presentation, texture and I bet it tastes good too. Michelin-star sushiburger?


    Just a word of advice: eat with a knife and fork or you’ll end up with broken dreams and a giant mess all over your outfit

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